Exciting New Products

New Sleeper-top table

Due mainly to our manufacturing capabilities and our strong connections with overseas designs and trends, we are able to bring many new products into the market, satisfying the discerning public in South Africa.

It is fair to say that all our products are manufactured to the same high standards and all designs are assessed to ensure that they are able to withstand the various stresses to which the product will be exposed.
When you purchase a CRAFT STEEL product, you can rest assured that it is engineered to the highest standard for your peace of mind.

A new Pattisserie Bench

This new addition to our range of benches is a French design and is extremely comfortable, without the necessity for cushions. The manufacturing process is very labour intensive as each piece is cut, shaped, welded and ground by hand to an exacting specification.

Sleeper-top Table

This is a brand new design for the table base, which has easy lines to complement both traditional and modern décor. The Sleeper top is Ironwood from Zimbabwe and must have been laid by Rhodesian Railways over 100 years ago. This table is full of character and is one of a kind ~ a truly beautiful piece.

Sleeper-top Server

Like the Sleeper-top Table, this new server is full of character and is a great addition to complement the table.